Friday, April 11, 2008

Look What You Did (Revised)...

According to an unconfirmed report by, Eugene Clifford, Donald Washington, Jamario O'Neal, and a mysteriously removed from the post Maurice Wells, are all prime time for smoke time.

As in, herbal remedy, pot, reefer, cheeba, hash, boom, pow, yank, crash, tata, hehaw, meow, marijuana.

And as a result, the secondary will be playing a little light against Youngstown State and Ohio (oh no).

  • I am NOT wary of trusting a blog with less posts than myself (and I suck, seriously).
  • I'm even NOT warier of trusting a site that removes breaking news without so much as an edit.
  • I'm even NOT warierer of trusting a site that goes around freely posting pictures of Maurice Clarett.

Alas, rumors are rumors until they are proven not to be rumors and in fact the truth. But it warranted a post,
so take it with a grain of salt, it's not like you will be able to watch the Spring Game unless you are at the game anyways.

Edit (4/13/08):

Added the word NOT to the above post after the rumors turned out to be true. Stupid truth! I was hoping that they were not true, considering the fact that 2 of the 3 culprits were already mentioned in similar rumors before the National Championship Game against LSU.

In retribution, I recommend reading religiously. Any blog that has access to Ohio State information before anyone else deserves all the credit in the world.

Stupid truth...


Anonymous said...

there was an edit...check the bottom of the post...were not all perfect

Anonymous said...

well, it did turn out to be true..and i used to read your blog, i have no changed my allegiance to Dottingthei and 11 warriors. They are the real deal.

If you investigate their site, you'll come to realize they just started up like 3 weeks ago. For three weeks of work, i'd say their progress is much greater than yours.

I sense a hint of jealousy in your writing.

Anonymous said...

your an idiot

Poe McNoe said...

ooo such hostility. I will correct my err...

I agree that Dottingthei and Eleven Warriors are the real deal. I don't even have my own domain...

Thanks for reading!

Dottingthei said...

We enjoy reading your site and appreciate your recent edit (4/13). We can understand why you questioned our credibility as we are a new site and the news itself was quite startling. We work really hard to bring all the most current OSU news to the public as soon as possible and that’s what we did. A portion of the information was found to not be true so we edited it as soon as we found out. We do not make up information or stretch the truth.

We’re sorry that these posters had harsh words, but that was brought on by your post that questioned our validity, which is understandable. We will continue to support your site and hope we can continue to exchange information in the future.

Dotting the I staff