Thursday, March 27, 2008

Head Shots

Clemson's Bursar's Office Accepts Straight Cash, Homie - In the first completely non Big 10, non Ohio State story ever on this blog, Clemson recruit Kenneth Page has told Tommy Bowden that he would rather not take up a scholarship and would rather pay for his tuition straight up.
Kenny has been working hard this summer, says his mom, mowing lawns and slingin' rock.

Stay Classy, Michigan - Every Michigan blog in the land has taken its shots at Justin Boren and his decision to leave Michigan for reasons including 'lacking family values' and 'running back to the line of scrimmage'. Fans and bloggers will take their shots, but Boren may have the last laugh if he walks on at Ohio State over a scholarship at Michigan. DickRod, Bo isn't happy!
Maize n Brew thinks its funny that offensive lineman are fat and like donuts...and their lone returning STARTER on offense, Steve Schilling, got manhandled by Vernon Gholston. Ha!

Hacks with Computers: The Musical - I'm not a professional writer. I don't try to be. I don't get paid. That's why I can take shots at hacks that do get paid to write garbage. John L. [Smith] Crawford of the Fernandina Beach News Leader thinks that Florida is good and Ohio State is bad. Chances are, when your paper's name is the "News Leader", they are actually a ways off.

"Welcome to college football, Terrelle. Enjoy four years of inflated rankings and no rings ..."

John L. wishes Terrelle Pryor luck in college, or is fat prick disguised as a writer. He also thinks the SEC should be tremblin' in their workin' boots because the new clock changes in college football will allow Florida to run 10 more plays per game, on top of the 70 per game they ran last year. He pulls this number, 10 plays, off the top of Florida's OC's head. Which is great for Florida, unless that extra time created by Florida running the no huddle offense creates more plays for the opposing offense. Man, I'd had to see Michigan with 10 more plays against Florida...and that's just Michigan.
Fatties know sports!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Titanic 2: USS Dickrod - Maize And Trouble

Buckeye User Rating: 9.9/10

Director: Rich Rodriguez

Writer: Michigan Athletic Department

Tagline: No QB, No Lineman, No Shot

Plot Outline: Michigan Head Coach Rich Rodriguez guides his Maize and Blue ship through spring and fall practice, watching the pieces fall off and players jump ship before the SS RichRod makes the Titanic sinking look graceful.

A typical Michigan Fan review: The SS RichRod is a wild ride that never ends. I know it's something different than what's been done before, but it'll have the Columbus boys shaking in their boots. Lawsuits, scandals, lost recruits, lackluster QBs, and 5 star players jumping ship like it's on fire, I mean how am I supposed to keep up!? This ain't Lloyd Carr's team no mo!


Now I’m not saying that Michigan will never be good again, or even that they are going to have close to a losing record this coming season. A key indicator of the weak economy is sliding factory orders, a weak dollar, and high unemployment. A key indicator of something being wrong with a football team is when 5 Star recruits quit the team. When James Cameron decides to make a movie of the fabled football team cracked in half and sunk to the bottom of the ocean, we know that no one would have to play Ryan Mallet’s role. And now we learn that, after the first week of practice, they will also be out a starter on the Offensive Line, Justin Boren. Boren should have been a junior this upcoming season, picking Big Blue out of Pickerington, Ohio. Rivals thought enough of him to consider him a 5 Star player.

Boren came out Wednesday to question the ‘team’s family values’. Therein lays the problem with the regime change at Michigan. At what losses do you consider a coaching hire the wrong move. Sure you might confound teams with a spread offense and make some fans and players happy, but how much tradition do you have to sacrifice in the process.

What's even more disconcerting is those that wear the Maize and Blue glasses. That's not all Michigan fans, not the smart ones. Smart ones know strengths and weaknesses. The dumb Michigan fans are the ones that run around screaming:
  1. We didn't want Terrelle Pryor anyways, we didn't need him.
  2. We were glad Mallett transferred, he was a prima donna and didn't fit in.
  3. RichRod is weeding out players, and Boren couldn't cut it.
I never agree with MGoBlog, but they know to take cover when they see a tornado coming at their house. They were worried about the QB spot and downright freaked over the Boren departure. The truth is that Boren is a mammoth of a man who feels he didn't fit in at the NEW Michigan. That's what happens when kids get left behind by the school they trusted. Now the kid has to sit out while Rich Rodriguez fights lawsuits and tries to install his offense. Justin Boren wanted to be just like Jake Long, except that new Michigan won't give him that ticket to the NFL like the old Michigan gave Jake.

All I can say Justin, there's always Ohio State.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

We're going to need you, buddy.

Meet Jim Heacock
Jim Heacock, Defensive Coordinator of the Ohio State Buckeyes, is in one weird situation.

As the verifiable leader of the Buckeye defense he has led a squad that has put the pain to 99% of the teams they have faced. They have been Top 5 in total defense almost every year since Heacock's transition from the Defensive Line (though, they were before too). In fact, the 2007 (ehhhh) Silver Bullets finished the season ranked #1 in both Scoring and Yardage, including the #1 pass ranked defense. Heacock was named Coordinator of the Year and got a trophy.

So Poe, you said weird situation.

Well yes, I did. The Buckeye defense is also responsible for yielding 41 and 38 points in back to back National Championship games. Oops. The first could have been more and second should have been less. That's 79 points. 70/2 is 39.5 points per game. Shit, Jim. Shit, Jims. Jim Tressel, Jim Bollman, and Jim Heacock.

How does Ohio State play in one of the most memorable NC games of all time in 2002 and can barely muster a presence in the next two? Guess what the score of the 2002 game was after 4 quarters...17-17. That's more like it.

Now I won't blame one coordinator, player, or play for either loss. But I'm just stating the facts. And they aren't pretty. The 2002 Miami team was arguably one of the most talented teams of all time. Ken Dorsey was one hell of a college QB, and Chris Leak and Matt Flynn were not. Doesn't matter, because Ohio State made them look like Heisman winners. Welcome, boys!

What Ohio State really needed was a break. 2007 wasn't supposed to be a NC game season, but maybe it would have been better to have WV vs Missouri. Hindsight is 20/20, but at this point it doesn't look like a whole lot is standing in between Ohio State and a 3rd straight appearance, for better or for worse.

Who do I blame? It has to be the Big 10. It'd be nice if every team played Ohio State the way Wisconsin did last season, even if it was semi-manufactured by Jim Tressel. Ohio State can't afford to tie one hand behind its back to play conference foes, such as by stashing the playbook or resting Beanie Wells an entire first half.

Or maybe the team just needs to play balls out when it needs to...

Monday, March 24, 2008

He is Better Than You.

Meet the Tressels.Oh and their dogs, get this, Scarlett and Gracie. Scarlett and Gracie. Mother fucker Jim. You just earned another notch on the totem pole of Ohio State football in my book. Scarlett and Gracie, awesome. Thank you Canton Repository.

However, Poe is disappointed that those aren't the daughters' names. Commitment, Jim. Commitment.
[Note: Poe is not single, yet would marry a Tressel and preferably a daughter. In case either stumble on this blog. ;-)]

Anyways, I'm assuming the dogs are girls, because we all know what the boys would have been named: Woody and Hayes

Friday, March 21, 2008

So, Now What?

In case you just woke up from a 70 year sleep under a rock, Terrelle Pryor signed his letter of intent to play football for The Ohio State University Buckeyes. Awesome, Rivals and Scout say he’s the #1 recruit in the nation while ESPN “The Worldwide Leader in Sports” chooses to put him at #6. Jokes on them since recruiting numbers don’t really matter, but you have to like the chances of a 6’6” 230lb athlete that runs a 4.4 forty yard dash.

So what now? The Buckeyes currently have 3 QBs on the roster (2 scholarship) with Todd Boeckman, Antonio Henton, and Joe Bauserman (walk on). Luckily, Robbie Schoenhoft took his rocket arm to Delaware, though it was expected that he would be suiting up as TE rather than QB.

What does this mean to…

Todd Boeckman?

Nothing. In fact, Todd Boeckman should be thankful that Pryor chose Ohio State. Let me repeat, Todd is not in danger of losing his starting spot to Pryor and should be more worried about Antonio Henton (not that it will happen). More than anything, Boeckman now has another weapon to utilize in addition to the NC game runner up (aka loser). It adds another dimension to offense, and lets not think for a second that Tressel would hand the reigns to a freshman over a 6th year senior who will be in grad school. Ain’t happening.

Antonio Henton?

Now this is a little tricky. We keep hearing about how Henton was coming on through the year (after his sticky situation with CPD) and had passed Schoenhoft for the backup spot. The truth is, we haven’t seen him play football since the beginning of the 2007 season and didn’t play (although he was rumored to) in the National Championship game. Mark this down: Antonio Henton will be the backup quarterback at Ohio State. But wait Poe, isn’t Terrelle Pryor supposed to be super recruit? Ah yes, read below. As for Henton, if Boeckman goes down or pulls a Jimmy Clausen, Henton and not Pryor would be the leader of the Buckeyes.

Terrelle Pryor?

Wise move, young man. He weighed his options and apparently made the right choice. So where do you play the stud recruit. Maurice Clarett didn’t redshirt, nor did Ted Ginn, nor Beanie Wells, but Justin Zwick did. I wouldn’t rule out a RS, but I would highly doubt it. Terrelle Pryor will be called QB backup ‘a’. What? Why ‘a’, and not 1st, 2nd, or 3rd? With all the talk about a Tim Tebow like role at OSU, Pryor could end up with more playing time than Henton. Boeckman-1 Henton-2 Pryor-A. It doesn’t make sense, I know. Pryor will not be asked to run the offense, but will be asked to create a spark anytime he is thrown in the ballgame to pass or rush. Pryor may be called upon at any time during a game, while we most likely won’t see Henton until the 4th quarter. My belief is that Pryor will in fact see more playing time than Henton, while being the third in charge to RUN the offense. Pryor is too good of an athlete to keep of the field for an entire game, and until defenses figure him out, there is no reason to not use him as at least a distraction.

Confusing, I know. But it better not be confusing for…

Jim Tressel.

That’s right, I said it. I don’t want Pryor playing INSTEAD of Boeckman or Henton, but he better be out there contributing when he can. The biggest complaint heard around Buckeye Nation is the lack of creativity on the offensive side of the ball. Jim, you don’t have to listen to them 99% of the time. It works, we know. But when you need to show something different, do it. Buckeye Nation watched the 2007 National Championship game and wanted to see a reverse, wanted to see Henton come in for a couple plays, wanted to see Jer’male Hines come in at RB. Anything. We got a bootleg to Saine, and that was it. Good news, it worked. Bad news, that was it. I expect Boeckman and Henton to run the offense, and I expect Pryor to run a middle screen to Saine for a 25 yard TD with 10 minutes remaining in the 2nd Quarter of the USC game. Why? Why not.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pryor Hath Cometh

The long awaited commitment of the nation’s (almost unanimous) top ranked recruit is here, and it’s a big score for the Buckeyes. We’ve kind of assumed it from the beginning, guessed it along the way, and now it’s on a LOI.

Start the hate, envy, and confusion:

The Denied
Michigan Fan #1: Michigan’s future wasn’t relying on this kid anyway.
Michigan Fan #2: We never wanted him anyway, Pryor didn’t fit in.

Penn State Fan #1: We have 2 better QBs than him anyway.
Penn State Fan #2: We have a great institution, Pryor would ruin it.

Oregon Fan #1: We didn’t think we’d get him anyways.
Poe McKnoe: Okay, that’s fair.

The Ignorant
ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption’s Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon had a tidbit on their show about the Pryor decision. In fact, it was the second story after the Rockets losing to the Celtics. Okay, that’s fair. It’s a big story so it should be second.

But then to spend the duration of the segment discussing how, and I quote, “This is not news”. It’s against the rules of common sense to devote one or two minutes discussing how a story is not news on national television. It’s news because you made it news, Tony and Michael. I went to work today, and that didn’t make PTI. NOT NEWS.

Then PTI proceeds to finish it off with “Well Michigan is the school that has been turning out the NFL QBs, not Ohio State”. Wrong. Lloyd Carr and his pro style, dropback passer offense has sent several QBs to the NFL, even though Tom Brady is really the only one to be concerned about. Ohio State has never had a Tom Brady, but they have had a Heisman Trophy winning QB. The Rich Rodriguez spread offense isn’t the ideal producer of successful NFL QBs. You could say West Virginia isn’t the hot bed of NFL talent, but most NFL QBs have come from less known schools such as Southern Mississippi, Ole Miss,

The Needy
The Detroit Free Press published a couple, several, more than a few, ok, 10 [ten] (TEN!) articles after the Pryor announcement. That’s just post press conference. People get paid for this? I mean nothing else is going on in Detroit? Recession? The Mayor? The Pistons? Nothing? The ‘Articles’ had such zingers as: “Michigan shouldn't be disappointed that it missed out on Pryor” and “Michigan's future never depended on Pryor”. Geez, don’t act like the sky is falling or anything. Play it cool.

The Sporting News is an entertaining farce. Most articles are written to get the readers’ panties in a bundle. TSN couldn’t quite keep up with the, with only 7 separate stories and letting each writer take a stab and writing something reasonable. The writers publish stories that bring out the writers of Dumb and Dumber 3, complete with a supposed text from Tressel to Pryor.

And Finally...
The University of… Lamaar Thomas, who committed several months ago, started the new trend of calling The Ohio State University The University of Ohio State. I’m okay with it. It becomes a big deal when Pryor says it, but ol’ Flash couldn’t even make a splash. But there has to be rules, rules, rules.

The term will only be applicable during the following circumstance: It can only be used when a recruit commits to Ohio State over any university that include “The University of” in their moniker. In this case, The University of….Michigan.

Just One Wouldn't Do

I expect something similar on every Penn State, Michigan, and hell, even Oregon blog.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Looking into the Crystal Ball...

We'd like to thank Google for doing everything we could ever want. From searching for patents to predicting the future, Poe trusts Google.
Jim Tressel's Head would also like to thank the Columbus Dispatch for not being the Detroit Free Press. For all the times you can hate the Dispatch, just look at the unfortunate postings of the only stories they've been working on.
We would also like to thank them for freaking the fuck out.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Thanks for Playing, Michigan.

Rich Rodriguez wants to show of his renovated weight room...
"My high school called, they want their gym back."

Jim Tressel wants to show off the Woody Hayes Athletic Center...
"A place for everyone...that's on the team."

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fullbacks, Calling All Fullbacks!

From the ‘Forty Times are All That Matter’ department:

Looks like Urban Meyer is willing to give a full scholarship for any UF student that can beat Percy Harvin, Deonte Thompson, Louis Murphy and Chris Rainey in the 40-yard dash. They call it a “speed challenge” and ESPN busted a nut in anticipation of showing it along with the Florida spring game. [The Ohio State spring game is broadcasted on the Ohio News Network, Florida gets ESPN.]

While full details have yet to be worked out, Meyer said that on Thursdays of spring practices, which begin March 19, strength coaches will be out on the practice fields and students will be invited to come out and train. The entrants will be whittled down to one lucky contestant who will face Harvin, Thompson, Murphy and Rainey in front of a packed Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.

The Independent Florida Alligator

So Florida is willing to throw a student on the team if he is faster than the 3 figures of SEC speed. Didn’t the Tampa Bay Buccaneers try that? How does this relate to Ohio State? Not at all, actually.

Jim Tressel’s Head is proposing the opposite. Let’s have a contest at the Scarlet and Gray game, and name it the Fullback Challenge. They want speed, we want guys that can knock over the trees they are as slow as. You could argue that Tressel has gone away from the traditional I-back sets to a more wide open scheme, especially since he has no fullback currently on scholarship to play the position. Aram Olson is out for the year on a Medical RS and Jemil Martin is only a Buckeye on a piece of paper.

The contest: Any student can earn a scholarship by participating in the Scarlet and Gray strong man competition. Have a bunch of 6’-6’ 3” 250-27lb guys (or girls, no prejudice here) come into Ohio Stadium and take turns trying to push over cars and throwing boulders 10 meters. Or we could just put Beanie and Saine back there and try that.

As for the Florida try out, unfortunately Morgan Trent is currently on scholarship at Michigan. Yes, that slow, prodding Michigan team who Ohio State handles year in and year out. And if you think Trent had the angle on him, please go back to 6th Grade and study trigonometry.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Terrelle Pryor Watch will come to an end...reportedly.

After helping the Jeanette team knock off Philly's Strawberry Mansion (!) and put another state title under his belt, Terrelle Pryor shocked the world (!) and stated he plans to get it over with and sign with a school this week. As reported by the ever dependable (!) Altoona Mirror:

‘‘I’ll be deciding next week. Next week, I’m going to say the school I’m going to, sign it, and get it over with,’’ Pryor told a huge throng of reporters. ‘‘I don’t know yet [if I’ll take any other visits]. I’ll probably be done.’’

He later clarified that he expects to announce this coming week where he’ll play his college football. That makes it unlikely any other officials visits will be scheduled.
Pryor also offered another revelation Saturday afternoon. ‘‘It’s down to two schools,’’ Pryor said. ‘‘I can’t tell you which two.’’

Altoona Mirror

Now let's take a look at the 4 schools that could make up Pryor's 2 schools. They are arranged in
order of least likely to most likely.

Oregon: Oregon has an offense that Pryor likes. That's it. No relationships, no visits. It's a Pac-10 school in the Pacific Northwest, which means a 2000 mile hike for Pryors family.
Not looking good, Ducks. At least you still have Dennis Dix... I mean Jonathan St....Oh, you don't.

Michigan/Penn State: Toss up! I don't have a clue. I wouldn't be shocked at either choice, but I
would be surprised. Michigan has a spread offense with a coach he had strong ties with, and it's 1600 miles closer than Oregon. Penn State is the home state school that your dad likes, and supposedly didn't sign on National Signing Day to check out the school. He hasn't (officially). Both schools have lackluster basketball teams. Toss up!

Ohio State: Has, has, has to be the favorite. It's the only school that's received a Terrelle Pryor visit complete with a Jim Tressel led parade, featuring Pryor and the other Buckeye recruits. Hell, with Value City closing its stores, Pryor was 5 seconds away from having the building named after him. If he doesn't select the Buckeyes, I would laugh and laugh and laugh because I would have been fooled.

But then again, there's always Memphis.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Let The Games Begin...

Mark the date.

On September 13, 2008, The Ohio State University Buckeyes will march into the LA Coliseum to battle the USC Trojans.

But six months before the anticipated showdown between the top two teams in the NCAA over the past 6 years, the smack talk has started. Mitch Mustain, the former Arkansas transfer, decided to take the first shot in the Los Angeles Times.

Who would you like to play if you won the job and led USC to the national championship game?

A: Oh man, that's easy. Florida. I think that there's a lot of other teams and I think everybody's kind of sick to death of hearing about the other teams. We play one of them this year
. . . . Florida, at least the way I've seen it, has been I guess you could say our equivalent, not in the sense they've had our history in the last five or six years, just in the fact that they're the big team. They're the sexy team in the East. On the East Coast they're it. You've got Tim Tebow; they're loaded. They're young like we are. I just think it would be a great matchup for the two of us. Eventually, if not this next year, two or three years down the road would be awesome.

Los Angeles Times

Mitch Mustain, however, appears to be throwing more stones in the paper than he will be footballs during the actual matchup. Right now, he's Pete Carroll's left hand man and backup to Mark Sanchez. The simple fact that he picked and played at Arkansas under Houston Nutt puts his decision making ability in question.

And that's the beauty of the statement. What does he have to lose? USC wins, "I was right". Ohio State wins, "I should have started". Kudos though, for the balls to talk smack in the age of political correctness. My guess would be that USC has a higher ranking and is the favorite at home.

It takes a brave soul to sit on the USC bench and talk about how everyone is "
kind of sick to death of hearing about he other teams" since SoCal is kind of the king of the roost.

What we know for sure is that September 13, 2008 marks the first time that USC will be able to take a shot at knocking off Ohio State. Why not the other way around.
  • It was supposed to be Ohio State v. USC in 2006, before the Trojans fell to UCLA in a West Virginia-esque 13-9 loss (after losing to Oregon State earlier in the season).
  • It was supposed to be Ohio State v. USC in 2007, before the Trojans fell to Stanford at home (the same Stanford team that went on to lose to Notre Dame).
So USC gets free passes for choking away title game appearances? Because that's what has happened. USC could very well have faced Ohio State in 2006 and/or 2007 for the National Championship, but squandered their chances at UCLA and Stanford. But they show up in their bowl games against lesser competition, and I guess that it is all that matters.

Meanwhile, James Laurinaitis could not be reached for comment. However, we assume that he will
be doing his best to get through Sanchez to get to Mustain.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Congratulations Allyssa DeHaan!

Congratulations Allyssa DeHaan
on being named JT'sHead's
#1 Hottest Girl
6' & Taller

"Hey girl, what's up?" - Poe McKnoe
When was the last time a center won an award for being named hottest anything? Probably never. Sorry Greg Oden, ain't happenin'. So we here at Jim Tressel's Head would like to congratulate Alyssa on being named the winner of the First Annual "Hottest Girl 6' & Taller" Award.

Drew Neitzel and Poe McKnoe voted for Alyssa!

In case you were wondering, she's taller than you. Putting most NBA players to shame, Alyssa measures out at 6' 9" (six feet nine inches, yea) and is one of the hottest girls to ever pick up a basketball, assuming Giselle Bundchen doesn't shoot hoops. All we know for sure is that it would never work between her and I, well mainly because she wears a size 14 shoe and I don't. And that goes against Poe McKnoe's Dating Rule #1.

So we can only dream. We could make an exception for Alyssa, but we do know for a fact that Greg Oden loves him his white girls.

And a special thanks to the Men's Spartans for falling to the Buckeyes, 54 to 63.
Looks like they needed Allyssa DeHaan.

Friday, March 7, 2008

The Real Reason Terrelle Pryor Should Choose Ohio State

(Observation humor; not to be taken as the truth)

Jim Tressel’s Head, Poe McKnoe

JEANETTE – What makes Terrelle Pryor the perfect fit at The Ohio State University? Is it his arm? Is it his legs? Terrelle Pryor managed 4,250 yards passing and 4,249 yards rushing. Ok, maybe his versatility? How about his size? Or is it his basketball skills?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you were wrong.

The real reason Terrelle Pryor should choose Ohio State is that the rest of America is already sick of hearing about Terrelle Pryor.

Newspapers, magazines, websites, and blogs (including this one) have continued with nonstop articles and so-called updates concerning TP and his recruitment by Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State, and Oregon. Pryor breathes and America has to hear about it, whether they like it or not. ESPN had a press conference to inform viewers that Pryor was not making a decision. was on his front porch on National Signing day. Stories that come out receive comments stating how TP would not fit in at a certain fan’s school or how he has mishandled his recruitment.

This is not an indictment of Terrelle Pryor, but of the media and college football fans.

What really sent this blog over the top was an article by the Detroit Free Press publishing a new article listing that had changed Pryor’s profile to having “"high" on Michigan and Ohio State and "medium" on Penn State.” Fannation (a website) got a hold of the story the comments have been less than friendly. Everywhere a Terrelle Pryor article pops up, comments degrading the player are soon to follow.

And that is why Terrelle Pryor is the perfect fit at Ohio State.

Everywhere an Ohio State football story pops up, detractors from the SEC to the Big East take their shots at the “weak” Big 10 and OSU’s admittedly horrible record against the SEC in bowl games (with Jim Tressel and his head helming an 0-3 record). If you have Ohio State in your Top 5, you will be scorned and ridiculed by Trev Alberts and his old cronies at ESPN.

Ohio State is slow, Florida and LSU are fast, but Florida, which almost beat LSU, got smoked by Michigan, owners of 4 straight losses to Ohio State.

In the eyes of the viewing public, Terrelle Pryor and Ohio State are made for each other. Pryor has already been called “overrated” and “not worth it” before ever even selecting a college, and the same can be said of Ohio State for the 2008 season, before ever even having a spring practice. The facts: Pryor is an teenager who’s making the biggest decision of his life this far. He doesn’t have to decide until April 1st, and he can even push it back past then. Who cares? It’s his decision and not yours.

Maybe Ohio State and Terrelle Pryor can be overrated together, at least until they win a mythical national championship together.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Take that SEC & PAC-10 babes!

So you think you're so mighty? With your Florida and Georgia and Cali babes. Shame on you, SEC and PAC 10. You know NOTHING about the Midwest, nor Columbus.

Fear the Buuuh buuuh Buckeye Babes!

We know that Big 12, Big East, and MAC schools don't have hot girls. Don't even try.