Sunday, March 9, 2008

Congratulations Allyssa DeHaan!

Congratulations Allyssa DeHaan
on being named JT'sHead's
#1 Hottest Girl
6' & Taller

"Hey girl, what's up?" - Poe McKnoe
When was the last time a center won an award for being named hottest anything? Probably never. Sorry Greg Oden, ain't happenin'. So we here at Jim Tressel's Head would like to congratulate Alyssa on being named the winner of the First Annual "Hottest Girl 6' & Taller" Award.

Drew Neitzel and Poe McKnoe voted for Alyssa!

In case you were wondering, she's taller than you. Putting most NBA players to shame, Alyssa measures out at 6' 9" (six feet nine inches, yea) and is one of the hottest girls to ever pick up a basketball, assuming Giselle Bundchen doesn't shoot hoops. All we know for sure is that it would never work between her and I, well mainly because she wears a size 14 shoe and I don't. And that goes against Poe McKnoe's Dating Rule #1.

So we can only dream. We could make an exception for Alyssa, but we do know for a fact that Greg Oden loves him his white girls.

And a special thanks to the Men's Spartans for falling to the Buckeyes, 54 to 63.
Looks like they needed Allyssa DeHaan.

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