Friday, March 7, 2008

The Real Reason Terrelle Pryor Should Choose Ohio State

(Observation humor; not to be taken as the truth)

Jim Tressel’s Head, Poe McKnoe

JEANETTE – What makes Terrelle Pryor the perfect fit at The Ohio State University? Is it his arm? Is it his legs? Terrelle Pryor managed 4,250 yards passing and 4,249 yards rushing. Ok, maybe his versatility? How about his size? Or is it his basketball skills?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you were wrong.

The real reason Terrelle Pryor should choose Ohio State is that the rest of America is already sick of hearing about Terrelle Pryor.

Newspapers, magazines, websites, and blogs (including this one) have continued with nonstop articles and so-called updates concerning TP and his recruitment by Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State, and Oregon. Pryor breathes and America has to hear about it, whether they like it or not. ESPN had a press conference to inform viewers that Pryor was not making a decision. was on his front porch on National Signing day. Stories that come out receive comments stating how TP would not fit in at a certain fan’s school or how he has mishandled his recruitment.

This is not an indictment of Terrelle Pryor, but of the media and college football fans.

What really sent this blog over the top was an article by the Detroit Free Press publishing a new article listing that had changed Pryor’s profile to having “"high" on Michigan and Ohio State and "medium" on Penn State.” Fannation (a website) got a hold of the story the comments have been less than friendly. Everywhere a Terrelle Pryor article pops up, comments degrading the player are soon to follow.

And that is why Terrelle Pryor is the perfect fit at Ohio State.

Everywhere an Ohio State football story pops up, detractors from the SEC to the Big East take their shots at the “weak” Big 10 and OSU’s admittedly horrible record against the SEC in bowl games (with Jim Tressel and his head helming an 0-3 record). If you have Ohio State in your Top 5, you will be scorned and ridiculed by Trev Alberts and his old cronies at ESPN.

Ohio State is slow, Florida and LSU are fast, but Florida, which almost beat LSU, got smoked by Michigan, owners of 4 straight losses to Ohio State.

In the eyes of the viewing public, Terrelle Pryor and Ohio State are made for each other. Pryor has already been called “overrated” and “not worth it” before ever even selecting a college, and the same can be said of Ohio State for the 2008 season, before ever even having a spring practice. The facts: Pryor is an teenager who’s making the biggest decision of his life this far. He doesn’t have to decide until April 1st, and he can even push it back past then. Who cares? It’s his decision and not yours.

Maybe Ohio State and Terrelle Pryor can be overrated together, at least until they win a mythical national championship together.

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