Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Looking into the Crystal Ball...

We'd like to thank Google for doing everything we could ever want. From searching for patents to predicting the future, Poe trusts Google.
Jim Tressel's Head would also like to thank the Columbus Dispatch for not being the Detroit Free Press. For all the times you can hate the Dispatch, just look at the unfortunate postings of the only stories they've been working on.
We would also like to thank them for freaking the fuck out.


Massey said...

Yo Poe! You know that first article is from February 5. I am not sure if that makes it more or less clairvoyant.

ps- I dig the site.

Poe McNoe said...

Thanks Massey, I dig Buckeye Commentary.

It doesn't, I just wanted to see what would pop up on Google. I didn't care if was Joe Schmoe guessing.

Everyone has their niche it seems. You're the dependable, good insight site. Eleven Warriors is always punctual with good breakdowns, Men of the S&G is pretty hilarious and off the wall. And I'm....I'm whatever the hell pops in my head.