Saturday, April 26, 2008

Best Week Ever: Buckeye Edition

Let’s run down the list.
  1. Ohio State Spring Game – Great for the fans and the recruits
  2. Darrell Givens Commits – Teammate of Lamaar Thomas and OSU’s first offer.
  3. Dorian Bell Commits – 5 Star Linebacker from Pennsylvania
  4. Jordan Hall Commits – 4 Star Running Back and Terrelle Pryor’s right hand man from PA.
  5. Justin Boren transfer from Michigan to Ohio State is confirmed by Coach Tressel.
  6. Melvin Fellows Commits – Possibly the top ranked Ohio player decommits from Illinois.
  7. Vernon Gholston Goes Six to the Jets - Big Vern makes it another Top 10 pick for Jim Tressel
That’s a whole lot of good news and good fortune.

The Buckeyes have sealed up 12 commits for the 2009 recruiting class. All it needs is 1 or 2 more running backs (Florida boys, that’s you), another receiver, and you’ve got a pretty good recruiting class. For in depth recruiting, I recommend BuckeyePlanet or DottingtheI. I can spit off names all day, but I’m a reporter, not an investigator.

Turns out that Jermale Hines, the OSU linebacker that went down during the spring game, doesn’t have a serious injury and should be back before fall camp. Jermale is one of those fast mo-fo’s OSU is stocking up at linebacker and was widely rumored to have been practicing as a running back prior to the championship game against LSU.

For as good of a week as its been, I still think I would trade it for a certain week in early January.

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