Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Head Case: NFL Draft

Drafted Buckeyes
Vernon Gholston
Big man goes #6 and made even the Jets fans happy. The least human and most humble of the draftees on Saturday, Gholston helps Ohio State land instate recruit, Melvin Fellows, by just being Vernon and being a first round draft pick. The Jets seem to love Ohio State players, along with the Colts and Bills.

Larry Grant
According to Eleven Warriors, the only man on the planet to lose 4 straight national championship games (2 at Ohio State, 2 during his JUCO years). CBSSportsline suggests "Larry Grant was some what of a good luck charm for whatever team he’s played on", but neglects to mention the teams lost all 4 Championships. Larry, we loved having you here. But if the 49ers make it to the Super Bowl this season and lose, I recommend taking some time off from football.

Kirk Barton
In a way, Kirk Barton was close to being the antithesis of Michigan’s Jake Long. Jake Long goes #1, you almost go # last. Wearing my scarlet colored glasses, I never saw a giant difference between Long and Barton to equate to that differential. Stock didn’t jump after the last two bowl games.

Undrafted Buckeyes
Dionte Johnson
His biggest problem is that he wasn’t even the best fullback on the team. His biggest strength is that he’s the son of Pepper Johnson, and within a few months and a couple phone calls, the kid will have a job. I hate to say it seemed like he took his starting position for granted, while Tank Whaley was the fan favorite and the more effective FB). UPDATE: Free Agency for Dionte and Tank.

Other News...........................................................................................

Awful bad week for the Illini:
First, Melvin Fellows decommits from Illinois to attend Ohio State. (Yay us)

Second, Rivals takes shots below the belt at your coach in a recruiting article. (Maybe they are right)

And finally, leading tackler J Leman goes undrafted. (Bucknuts feel for you, cause the dude is the definition of football player, even if he’s a little weird)

Mr Flacco Goes to Baltimore
The Baltimore Ravens must take recruiting analysis from Mel Kiper and ESPN. He said they needed a QB, and they went out and got Joe Flacco out of D1AA’s winged helmeted Delaware, new location of OSU’s own Robbie Schoenhoft.

The bad news for Troy Smith: Flacco is about a half a foot taller. Hell, that means starting NFL QB right there.

The good news for Troy Smith: Steve McNair retired and they didn’t just draft the next Steve McNair. Flacco put up good numbers against D1AA, Troy put up good numbers in D1.

What do you think Troy's future includes?

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Sank said...

I feel like Baltimore isn't even going to give Troy a shot at earning the job. Which blows.