Thursday, April 24, 2008

Boren To Be 2009

Block O is Complete…Sort of.
Mike Adams, Michael Brewster, JB Shugarts. According to the recruiting experts, that’s one haul of a class. But to many Buckeyes’ chagrin on National Signing Day, they didn’t end up with that fourth man to finish up the Brew Crew, and even more so, the fan-appointed Block O. Josh Jenkins turned too mellow yellow and didn’t want to lose national championships (preferred losing to Pitt more) and everyone else was an afterthought.
But thanks to Rich Rodriguez (send him a thank you card), that elusive fourth lineman has landed in their lap in the form of Justin Boren. You may remember Boren as the sophomore starter for the Michigan Wolverines this past year. You know, All Big Ten Justin Boren. Well he decided he’d like to stay All Big Ten, but do it in Columbus rather than Ann Arbor. Mighty smart man to me.

But Poe, Don’t you have a problem with an ex-Michigan player on the Ohio State sideline?
Normally, yes. But under the circumstances, no. He wasn’t recruited by Rodriguez. He didn’t want to play in the spread offense. If he wanted to, he would have gone to Florida or West Virginia. The kid obviously wants to make it to the NFL, and that’s his #1 priority. Hell, I would assume that 25% of the team is at any given major power because it will help them get to the NFL and get paid…IF he comes in, tries his heart out, and does the best he can.

Yea but Michigan has a longer line of successful NFL offensive lineman!
Old Michigan did. New Michigan doesn’t. Old Michigan also made some pretty good NFL QBs. New Michigan probably won’t. A good NFL GM is always going to have that “So you played in a spread offense” idea in the back of his mind, doesn’t matter if you’re a QB, RB, WR, or Lineman. Maybe we can start referring to it as BRR and ARR, Before Rich Rod and After Rich Rod. Wisconsin makes some pretty good lineman too, and guess what style of football they play.

Ohio State (aka Suckeyes, Luckeyes, The University of Ohio State, Only Second University) sucks!
Totally dude. People were picking a sophomore and junior loaded Ohio State team to beat a senior laden LSU squad. That’s some pretty high praise. Ohio State was the underdog, and rightfully so. Guess who has the senior equipped team this year? Um, the Buckeyes.

Ohio State and Notre Dame Flip Schedules…
The Navy Midshipmen vs. The Ohio State Buckeyes. 2009 opener and 2014 opener. Navy? Really, Navy? I would assume that since Army dropped Ohio State (or the other way around), OSU wanted to keep it in the academies. I was unaware we have the same people making our schedules as Notre Dame does. Ohio State now plays Navy, USC, Michigan State, Michigan, and Penn State.

Oddly, Ohio State chose to OPEN the SEASON at NAVY in 2014 (seating a whopping 35,000 will make Ohio State fans feel like they are sitting in on a one on one with the team) or a neutral stadium in the greater Annapolis area. You may ask why…why would Ohio State open the season at a mid-major?
Say it with me. Annapolis is in…Maryland. Annapolis is close to…DC.

You know what’s in Maryland and DC, don’t you? Poe will tell you. Recruits are in Maryland and DC; just ask Lamaar Thomas and Darrell Givens. You know who gets to go watch the home opener? Prospective recruits that don’t want to play in the ACC, well because, it’s the ACC. Boston College? Virginia? Virginia Tech? Enough said.

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