Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Trev is Back...and Badder than Ever.

He's back....

While Trev Alberts has had his gig at CSTV (ah yes, SEC I mean CBS Sports) for a while and even picked the Ohio State Buckeyes against LSU. Didn't happen, and I'd have to say that's probably the primary reason why. Trev Alberts has done enough to the college football gods that they spite him even at the expense of the Buckeyes. Hell, you could probably go back to the Florida game and find that Trev picked Ohio State against them too (no you couldn't, since he was unemployed).

I can't verify whether or not he still talks crap for CBS, or his new cameos for 'SprintSports' is more lucrative. Trev Alberts starts by ridiculing himself about coming out with a preseason (meaning before practice has even started) Top 10 "just months after railing on college football for coming out with preseason polls and how it's unfair". Me thinks that Sprint waived a couple Franklins in front of Trev, and we all know that's the key to his heart.

1. Georgia - Ok, no arguements here.
2. Florida - Sensing a trend here. This is the NCAA Top 10, not SEC.
3. USC - A lot of personnel losses, but it is USC. And Trev did work for ESPN.
4. Oklahoma - A RichRod-less Big East team just did THAT? I'd hate to see USF vs OU.
5. Auburn - 3 of Top 5 are SEC teams. Strange team that can lose to USF and beat Arkansas 9-7.
6. Missouri - Barely beat a Juice-less Illini team last year. Lost to OK twice.
7. Ohio State - The Buckeyes finally are on the board, with no thanks to the list maker (read below).
8. Kansas - Can they make it 2 great years? Shouldn't have been in the BCS game.
9. LSU - 4 SEC teams? Couldn't find any room for Tennessee? Vandy?
10. Clemson - I like this Clemson team, but they will still lose 3 random games.

"I can't stand putting Ohio State at number 7. They keep getting blown out in the bowl games, but yet a lot of talent there and you have to give them their due credit. Lost some guys early to the draft: Gholston declares himself early as well."

I knew it Trev! Great commentary. Which players did Ohio State lose early besides HeMan himself, Vern Gholston? Oh yea, Malcolm Jenkins and Laurinaitis*! Actually they will be suiting up for the scarlet and grey. Research, Trev, Research!

Why do analysts hate Ohio State and love Oklahoma? What is the difference between the two teams? Is the Big 12 any harder than the Big 10? How about the Pac 10?

Recent BCS bowl victories: 0
Oklahoma blown out by West Virginia 48-28
Oklahoma losses to WAC*'s Boise State 43-42
Oklahoma blown out by USC 55-19
Oklahoma losses to LSU 21-14

What exactly is a preseason ranking? Is it your guess on how good they are to begin with? Or how you think they will end up? People judge teams against their preseason rank to where they end up. I know that it will be tough for 4 of these teams to be in the Top 10, considering they are all in the SEC.

Hey Trev, how much for you to write a post praising the Buckeyes? $100? $200?

*Revised: Boise State is in the WAC, not MWC. I knew that. I don't even know who's in the MWC. Middle Tennessee State? Laurinaitis will now be referred to as Little Animal, or simply "The Neck".


James & Logan said...

Boise State is WAC not MWC.

Poe McNoe said...

Thanks James & Logan! I knew that. I don't even know who's in the MWC.

Sadly, your correction marks the first comment on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Also, it's spelled "Laurinaitis." Come on, any true Buckeye fan knows how to spell his name properly.

Poe McNoe said...

I was a on a roll. Unfortunately, my spell check doesn't have an "Ohio State Buckeyes Dictionary". I looked.

It doesn't.

Kind of new to the whole blogging world. Your criticism is much appreciated.