Monday, February 18, 2008

Lessons in Logic - Pryor and Perrilloux

Terrelle Pryor Doesn't Have Caller ID: which explains why Mike Farrell from keeps getting interviews. Basically Mike goes, "Hey TP bro, any new updates for me?" Pryor says, "Who is this? Oh yea, the Rivals dude that was on my front porch. Naw, still 4 schools." Rivals actually breaks some "news" with:

"Pryor admits he was set to sign with Ohio State the day before Feb. 6, but a conversation with his father, Craig, made him think twice. His father wanted him to take another look at Penn State and take an official visit."

Now I know why I never listened to my dad. That's a shot at Penn State, not Pryor. Pryor should be able to take as much time as regulated by the NCAA, if he wants. National Signing Day is not the College Draft that ESPN, Rivals, and Scout make it out to be. NSD is the first day that prospective athletes can sign with a school. If TP wants to wait until April 1, good for him. But I assume that his choice to delay his signing has generated more supposedly unwanted "attention" than if he would have signed.

TP was going to sign with Ohio State, wants to visit Penn State, while Michigan and Oregon are still in the picture. Thanks for all that reporting, Mike!

Suspended Indefinitely: Speaking of other super dual threat QBs who don't know if they want to play on a team that can challenge for a national championship every year, Ryan Perrilloux obviously doesn't want to LSU's starting job. Perennial bad boy Perrilloux doesn't like to follow team rules that include but are not limited to 1) Going to class and 2) Going to team functions. He does however like bar fights, riverboat casinos, and counterfeiting.

"Ryan has been suspended indefinitely due to his failure to follow team rules," Miles said.

Looks like its some Maurice Clarett (funerals, not guns) and less Reggie Bush and his USC slot machine. reports Perrilloux ignored team rules, Momma P got mad and threatened to pull him off the team, his dad passed away, and now his locker is clean.

So no hope of getting last season forfeited and the National Championship being handed over to Ohio State? At this point, I'll take whatever I can get. Perrilloux did run the options once against Ohio State, I think we need an NCAA investigation! On a serious note, it's beginning to look a lot like Arkansas in Baton Rouge.

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