Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Most Valuable Recruits

Signing Day '08 has passed. We at JTsHead take a look at what recruits could make an instant impact on the field in 2008. But first, a little background:
  • Rivals grades Ohio State's class at #9 in the nation and Scout takes it up to #7. None of this really matters however, since class size is almost a more important factor than actual 'per player' rankings.
  • This recruiting class was also the product of efficient recruiting, with 19 players signing out of 24 that actually officially visited campus (make that 23 since the elusive, in more ways than one, Terrelle Pryor has not decided on Ohio State or any school for that matter).
Impact Players (WR)
We'll just assume they are all impact players.

Jake Stoneburner
Rivals says TE, Scout says TE, ESPN says TE,
but Ohio State head coach and Stoney himself say WR, WR, WR. Stoneburner checks in at 6'6" 220lbs and figures to cause nightmares for those that have to tackle him in space. The kid can move, is hard to bring down, and is white. You watch Stoneburner and you know why he's at Ohio State, as he can block like a tight end or run a route as a WR.
Photo Caption:
Actually Jake Stoneburner

Lamaar Thomas
Ted Ginn/Percy Harvin type player who wants to play running back but will probably be relegated to WR. Lamaar obviously likes the Ted Ginn comparisons thrown at him, now he will have to live up to them. At this point, it's hard to pin down a position since he hasn't yet practiced as a Buckeye. We all wanted to call Ray Small the Next Ted Ginn Jr, but we really meant he would fill the void until Thomas got on campus. All we know for sure is that he will be on punt and kick returns.
Photo Caption: Flash Gordon is the star of a sci-fi comic strip, Lamaar is not.

Devier Posey : Rivals and Scout have him as one of the best wide receivers in the nation. Why? Because he's smart, catches everything that comes his way, and 'cause they said so. Posey could be the best, but he's only 6'2" and not some 6'4" freaksonature such as Julio Jones and AJ Green. It's a lot like playing College Football on Xbox 360; you select 6'4" players because they are taller. But in real world college football, Posey is the only 5 star WR shorter than the 6'3"-6'6" range and on the same level as any one of those recruits.

WR Summary: So what do you do when you have Brian Robiskie, Briant Hartline, Taurian Washington, Dane Sanzenbacher, Devon Torrence, and t
he 3 newbies on the roster (assuming that Albert Dukes and Devon Lyons graudate and transfer)? Who gets in the 3 wide, 4 wide, and 5 wide? Who redshirts? It's entirely possible that none of the 3 WR recruits redshirt because of the ways they can be used.

Impact Players (OL)
Do they all play or do they sit one?

Mike Adams : Described as the best Ohio O Lineman in a decade. 6'7" 308lbs. Size, strength, and moves will add mammoth to the mammothness of the Ohio State O Line.
Photo Caption: Mike Adams takes on Michigan in an earlier life.

OL Summary: Mike Brewster, designated leader of the Brew Crew, is outspoken and will also add depth. JB Shuggarts proves everything is bigger in Texas, but may redshirt if Tressel doesn't just say "fuck it" and not redshirt anybody on offense.

Impact Players (Defense)
So many defensive players, so many returning from last season.

Etienne Sabino : Who says "God I hate those Miami summers, I really need to go to Ohio"? Thankfully, the #1 rated inside linebacker in the nation has donned the Scarlet & Gray, Mr. 5 Star himself according to Scout (Rivals feels as if #1 rated inside linebackers don't deserve 5 Stars). Fast and big, if Sabino doesn't get the number 18 to help Ohioans pronounce his name it would be a shame (that's you WR David Lisko of whom I had to look up).
Photo Caption: Dave, Etienne wants his name back.

Defense Summary: Zach Domicone looks like he could be the next hard hitting SS for Ohio State and he couldn't be there soon enough. Ohrian Johnson comes from Florida and ESPN still thinks he's a QB. Garret Goebel and Willie Mobley look like athletic DTs that Ohio State needs, while Shawntell Rowell checks in at 325lbs and will eat all the space he needs to. Nathan Williams is a mean dude on the end and Travis Howard could be the 3 star CB that shines aka Malcolm Jenkins or Chimdi Chekwa. Andrew Sweat will probably RS, because there are already 5 LBs wanting time. Lastly, Keith Wells has only been playing foosball for 2 years yet had offers from the finest football factories in the nation and Notre Dame too.

And as for Jemil Martin...
Let's just hope he's the truck of fullback he can be.

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