Saturday, June 7, 2008

Who the Fuck is Tommy Tuberville?

I personally thought he had retired after complaining about not making it to the championship game way back in 2003.

I guess he didn't because now he has a new cause: Taking shots at Ohio State.

So now we don't only have to listen to fans assume they can beat Ohio State because they are part of the SEC, we have to listen to coaches? Tuberville proclaims:

"Ohio State would have finished fifth in our league and they're ranked No. 1 in the preseason poll," Tuberville said.

Funny, because I don't remember Ohio State playing in the SEC. It's a fun statement to make, considering the champion of the SEC has beat Ohio State in the past 2 championship games and not the second, third or fourth place team.

The best part is that Tommy doesn’t have to worry about accountability. It’s not like Ohio State will be seeing Auburn on the gridiron any time soon, unless the Tigers quit dropping random games along the way. My recommendation is the Auburn cedes from the SEC and joins the Big 10 to make up our 12th team. My guess is that Penn State, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Illinois would have no trouble with the Tigers. Actually Ohio State would probably win too, considering as how you’d then be a member of the Big Ten and not the SEC.

You may remember Auburn for their Florida victories the past 2 years, because besides that there’s not a whole lot to hang your hat on. You would have to assume that Ohio State would drop games to South Florida and The Mississippi State University. Hell, they went toe to toe against Nebraska (yes, Callahan’s Nebraska). Auburn’s last shot at a Big Ten team didn’t go so well, losing to Wisconsin 24-10 in 2005, so I assume Wisconsin would finish close to second in the SEC. The John Stocco tossed for over 300 yards and the Badgers held Kenny Irons to 88 yards rushing.

It’s just sad really that these coaches can shoot off at the mouth without any kind of accountability. If you call out a specific team, you should have to play that team and not hide behind the big boys of your conference (Florida and LSU). He must forget that it’s only Ohio State that has an issue with beating SEC team, as the rest of the Big Ten seems to do just fine.

That being said, it looks like I have a new favorite team to play in a bowl game! But then again, Ohio State will probably be in the National Championship game and Auburn will probably drop a game to either Louisiana-Monroe or Tennessee Martin.

Don’t worry Tommy, I’ve already petitioned the Big Ten for Auburns admission.


Massey said...

The SEC has great teams and (some) great coaches, but they do not appear to have a modicum of class. Tuberville is still bitter that he was squeezed out in 2004. He should be thankful because USC would have shredded his team just as badly.

Not even Rich Rod would say something this idiotic.

Gatorpilot said...

Tommy's just saying what many in CFB already know (or feel that they know) -- the Big 10 has one to three "nationally competitive" teams per year, and those teams put themselves in post-season consideration thanks to a pretty soft diet.

I understand your anger at Tuberville -- it's a direct assault, and it's an insult. Unfortunately, Ohio State has done very little to combat that impression and I suspect Tuberville's assesment is about right.

Sometimes the truth hurts.

Anonymous said...

Where's Tuberville now? Ohhhhh that's right he's out of a job. Eat it you fuck.

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Anonymous said...

why do you curse in your titles. very immature. it is obvious that you are a tosu fan

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Owen said...


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